『Weaving the WEB』(Tim Berners Lee, Harper, 1999-2000)

In March 1991, I released the WorldWideWeb program to a limited number of CERN people who had NeXT computers.(p.45)

Web pagesという言葉がどこからでてきたのか? を調べる。


Web pages in HTMLなどとある。p.29

HTML describes how to format pages containing hyper text links.(p.29)

Webにおける重要度:URI>HTTP>HTML (p.36) それ以外にはない。

users could bookmark any place and return to it, and could make links into any place from another document. This would give a feeling of persistence, of an ongoing existence, to each page.(p.37)

A browser/editor would let a user simply view or edit the language of a page of hypertext, as if he were using .(p.42)